Yoke Type Track Rollers-RSTO Series

 Yoke Type Track Rollers - RSTO Series Product Description UTOT track roller bearings include mast rollers and chain pulleys, and york type track rollers. They are essentially cylindrical roller or needle roller bearings which have a thick-walled outer race.The pulleys are available with a flat...

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Yoke Type Track Rollers - RSTO Series

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Product Description

RSTO type yoke type track rollers
The yoke type track rollers RSTO type, without inner ring, can directly run on the quenched shaft. The STO type has inner rings, its inner ring, outer ring and the combinative needle roller retainer can be fitted separately. Because RSTO and STO type yoke type track rollers have no retaining edges and the end retaining rings, axial guiding is needed in fitting, and the guiding surface must be precisely machined at least.

Generally, the precision of the dimensions, shape and the rotation precision of this yoke type track roller is P0 grade. The outer diameter tolerance of the yoke type track roller with an arc outer diameter is 0-/-0.05 mm, and the width of tolerance of NATR, NATV, NUTR bearings is h12.

The yoke type track roller with diameter of cylindrical shape has very small center adjustability. With low load, the canter adjustability is 3-4 while with middle and heavy load is 5-7. The yoke type track rollers with diameter of arc shape have a center adjustability of 15-20. For bigger angle variation, the edge effect will increase with the different loads. This will decrease the life of the bearing.



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