Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings-HK BK Type

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Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings - HK BK type

Product Description

Needle bearing English model
Metric Series: HK, BK, F, FH, FY, MF, MFH, MFY; TA .. Z, TLA .. Z, TAM, TLAM, YT, YTL.
Inch Series: SCE, BCE, SCH, BCH, SN, B, BH, M, MH,; BA ... Z, BHA ... Z, BAM, BHAM, YB, YBH. Example: HK XX YY Model inscribed circle diameter height YY XX
RS ------ is a ring with the metric system
2RS ----- for the two seals, with the metric system
P ------- as a ring, with imperial system
PP ------ for the two seals, with imperial system
Needle bearing structure type
Outer double wall (or double lock ring) with cage needle roller bearings NA, NKI-type
Inner and outer rings can be installed separately (with lock ring, full needle roller and cage), permissions, high speed, two kinds of single and double row.
If the shaft can not be used as a raceway, ie If the shaft hardened impossible or uneconomical to use when grinding, you can use this type of needle roller bearings with inner ring.

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