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How To Make China's High-end Bearing Steel For Targeting The International Market And Bearing The World

Aug 16, 2018

Targeting the international market and "bearing the world"
"We have advanced equipment and have the world's leading metallurgical concepts and methods." Xu Xiaohong said that since he was sent by Xingcheng to Europe 20 years ago to study steelmaking technology, his vision has focused on the international level, and he has been "competing" with world-class colleagues over the years.
He produced a long-term track Xingcheng bearing steel fatigue life and peer comparison chart, the reporter saw that in 2009 Xingcheng bearing steel fatigue life and Japan's representative steel plant in the same level; now Xingcheng has exceeded the level of Japanese enterprises. Similar tracking evaluations have been made by Japanese users, he said, concluding that Hingcheng's high-end bearing steel is superior to Japan's steel mills.
"We cooperated with German customers to develop pure bearing steel, and provided samples for it in 2016. After two years of testing and fatigue life testing, the fatigue life of Xingcheng continuous casting bearing steel reached 1150 hours, which is 2.5 times that of European bearing steel." Xu Xiaohong believes that for bearings, material testing is only one aspect, bearing fatigue testing is the key. Xingcheng attaches great importance to R&D cooperation with the world's leading industry leaders to develop high-end bearing steel by continuously improving fatigue life.
Cambridge University, Iron and Steel Research Institute, Beijing University of Science and Technology, Luoyang Bearing Research Institute and other well-known research institutes at home and abroad are Xingcheng partners. Xu Xiaohong expressed her willingness to cooperate with more scientific research institutes and make use of Xingcheng's existing market influence to accelerate the transformation and application of scientific research achievements.