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Cross Roller Bearings In Recent Years The Use Of More And More Widely

Cross roller bearings in recent years the use of more and more widely, how to correctly choose their most suitable models and structure, is the majority of customers using cross roller bearings confused problem. Based on years of production experience. How to correct the selection, you can refer to the following aspects.

First, the size range

Dimensions are the most important parameters, first of all to know how much need to use their own bearings, it can be said that the need to install the bearing device installation size is how much, and then to determine the size of the bearing.

Second, the structure of the form

Because the cross roller bearing the same size, there are many kinds of structure, there are outer ring split (RB / RA), but also the inner ring split (RE), also the overall structure (RU / CRBH), the key to see Bearings to drive the rotating parts need to be installed in the bearing inner ring or outer ring. If you need to rotate the outer ring, you must use the inner ring split type; Similarly, the need for inner ring rotation accuracy, must be used outside the split type, both inside and outside the ring requires a higher rotation accuracy, suitable for the overall structure of the inner and outer ring.

Third, the installation method

Cross roller bearings from the installation method to point, there are two categories, one is the inner and outer ring with a mounting hole, like a slewing ring, its installation is relatively simple, directly connected by connecting bolts on the device; the other is Inside and outside the ring are not installed holes, mainly through the bearing and the flange and the shaft and the bearing diameter of the interference fit.

Fourth, carrying capacity

What kind of cross roller is used must be understood to be able to withstand the load carried by the equipment, according to the equipment designed to carry capacity requirements and the corresponding bearing rated load to determine whether it is suitable.

Five, precision and clearance

The accuracy and clearance of the crossed roller bearings are the core of the crossed roller bearings. The positive and negative travel of the bearing can affect the rigidity, noise, life and speed of the crossed roller.

When the working clearance is negative, the bearing fatigue life is the longest but with the negative clearance of the increase in fatigue clearance with a significant decline. But can greatly improve the rigidity of the bearing, while reducing the bearing noise. When the working clearance is positive, the bearing speed will increase. But at the same time the bearing will usher in bearing noise is too large, lack of rigidity and other shortcomings.